legal name Catrina Mireille Lyon stage name Cate Lyon occupation Actress birthdate & age 1 April, 1993 (24) hometown Montreal, QC, Canada current residence Montreal & Los Angeles relationship status Uninterested religion Guilt Ridden Catholic family Christian Lyon (father, 63), Natasha Lyon (mother, 60), Chantal Lyon (30, sister), Camille Lyon (20, sister)
Catrina Mireille Lyon (born 1 April 1993) is a Canadian actress. She is the daughter of filmmaker and producer Christian Lyon and actress Natasha Forbes. Her paternal grandfather is the Oscar Award winning director Geraud Lyon. She is best known for her roles in Winter's Bone (2010), It Follows (2014) and The Girlfriend Experience (2016).
Early Life Born in Montréal, Québec, Lyon is the second of three daughters born to the Canadian director Christian Lyon and American actress Natasha Forbes. Lyon was primarily raised in Montréal where she attended St. George's School of Montréal during her formulative years. She would attend the prestigious Collège Jean-de-Brébeuf for one year before turning to homeschooling to pursue acting full time.
Career While spending summers in Los Angeles with her father, Lyon often shocked her father's peers when they found out she was absent a talent agent and manager. It wasn't until Lyon expressed a distinct interest in acting at the age of twelve that her parents decided to sign her up for classes and workshops. In 2009, Lyon landed both her first television roles appearing in "Mental" and "Grey's Anatomy".

Lyon's breakthrough role as Ree in the 2010 film Winter's Bone shocked critics who were painfully dreading the emergence of another actress with nepotism on her side. Nevertheless, the film garnered national acclaim and a surprising Oscar nomination for the seventeen year old actress. Feeling comfortable in the realm of smaller passion projects, Lyon would star in several independent films like Little Birds, Spring Breakers and Palo Alto.

Lyon has enjoyed more recent success by expanding her work beyond the indie circuit. In 2014, It Follows was presented at the Cannes Film Festival and recieved overwhelmingly positive reviews. Lyon also starred in a A Bigger Splash and American Honey in 2015 and 2016 respectively. She lent her voice for the role of Sam in the interactive survival horror video game "Until Dawn", which was released August 2015.

After several years churning out independent films, Lyon returned back to primetime television as Christine Reade in Steven Soderborgh's television adapatation, "The Girlfriend Experience". Lyon's role in the anthology series garnered her a Golden Globe nomination. Currently, Lyon is pushing Lady Bird, directed by Greta Gerwig. The film has recieved considerable praise at TIFF and is set to release November 10, 2017.

Personal Life In regards to her faith, Lyon described herself as a lapsed Catholic who tries to make it to mass when she can.

She is bilingual in English and French and was seen speaking Spanish fluently when promoting Spring Breakers.

Despite retiring from her ballet career, Lyon continues to take ballet classes when time permits, and her family are devoted patrons of the Royal Opera House and American Ballet Theater.
(2018) Suspiria           ... as Patricia Hingle (2017) Lady Bird           ... as Christine "Lady Bird" McPherson (2017) Baby Driver           ... as Deborah (2016) "The Girlfriend Experience"           ... as Christine Reade (2016) American Honey           ... as Krystal (2015) A Bigger Splash           ... as Penelope Lanier (2015) "Until Dawn"           ... as Sam (2014-2016) "Drunk History"           ... as Sybil Luddington/Marilyn Monroe
           (Episodes: "New York City" & "Legends")
(2014) It Follows           ... as Jay Height (2013) Palo Alto           ... as April (2012) Spring Breakers           ... as Brit (2011) Little Birds           ... as Lily Hobart (2010) Winter's Bone           ... as Ree Dolly (2009) "Grey's Anatomy"           ... as Kelsey Simmons (2009) "Medium"           ... as Aysnley Skoff
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