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A lot has occurred in less than 24 hours after MTV's VMAS. News of musician Adyn Walsh and actress Cate Lyon dating spurned Walsh fans to hack Lyon's iCloud, and they found out more than what they bargained for. There had been rumors Walsh and Lyon were possibly crossing the friendship line when Walsh and Lyon were seen sitting together at last night's VMAS. In the past, Lyon would never be seen at music award shows considering she's an A-List actress. This summer she's been spotted at the Billboards, I Heart Radio and now the VMAS.

What We Knew Before the Hack: Cate Lyon shows up at the VMAS, sits next to Adyn Walsh. Walsh performs his song "Bacon" with Ty Dollar $ign and leaves the awards show with Lyon in tow before it's even over. Within hours, Walsh's camp informs the press that Walsh will not be appearing at his Future Now tour dates of Winnipeg (8/29) and St. Louis (8/31) because of flu-like symptoms. Nosy fans begin to speculate and decide to hack Cate Lyon's phone to figure out what's going on.

What We Know After the Hack: Fans blamed Lyon's influence and drug habits as a reason to why Walsh shadily backed out of his next two tour dates. Videos of Cate smoking weed and drinking codeine surfaced. She apparently does Ketamine, too. There are also screenshots of Cate e-mails to her father (Christian Lyon) explaining she indeed does plan on eloping in Vegas on Monday. To be fair, we don't actually know if they went through with it.

Why This Matters: Besides the gross invasion of privacy, all the blame of Walsh lying to fans and going "wayward" is being put on Lyon. She is being slutshamed by Walsh fanatics with the chief hacker proclaiming they'll be releasing explicit videos of Lyon and Walsh if they did indeed get married.

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29th-Aug-2016 08:45pm (UTC)
they're definitely in vegas, op. they were staying at an airbnb to lay low, but i think fucking around naked in a pool might turn some heads, no?

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29th-Aug-2016 08:49pm (UTC)
adyn walsh looks like he's suffering the flu alright
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