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  1. 4 people followed me and one person unfollowed me // automatically checked by

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    I'm off guard!!!

  3. love these girls😛✌🏼☀️


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    please dong cut your hair

  6. how to cut my hair?🤔

  7. Kim Kardashian haley baldwin and yesjulz were at summer jam 😢

  8. Why don't I look like Haley Baldwin ugh

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    Drake and Rihanna aren't dating though lol. Drake is with Haley Baldwin I think.

  10. 7 people followed me and 3 people unfollowed me // automatically checked by

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    let's go

  12. people can't open your snaps but they can post on their story🙄

  13. it's the second day of summer and I'm in bed at 9 o' clock 😒🙄

  14. so boreddddd😩

  15. I wanna go to Pismo for 4th of July😩

  16. I wanna know the secret to be pretty like all these models Taylor,Elsa, Candice, Alexis Ren, Bella Hadid and Haley Baldwin 😭

  17. Bella Hadid & Haley Baldwin literally half a year older than me & so pretty like how

  18. Can anyone either confirm or deny this Drake & Haley Baldwin dating rumor??!¿!?¿!

  19. Haley Baldwin? 😳 Drake always raps about BBW's though 😂😂. Confidence levels just went up bruu. 'siMerry' 😂😂

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