Directed by Andrea Arnold and produced by Francis Lyon, American Honey is a Cannes Jury Prize Winner and stars Sasha Lane, Shia Labeouf and Cate Lyon.


yaaas, cate playing american trash pt 2!


starting to truly think cate only wants to star in films with distinct cinematography. this reminds me of fish tank's style, and i'm not mad about it either.

Alternative Posters from Cate Lyon's Filmography (2010-2015)


Cate Lyon at a Cannes After Party (2015)


I trust Cate as the next Tomb Raider because of this photo.



Cate Lyon as Samantha in PS4 exclusive Until Dawn (2015)
"You need to listen to me, I don’t care if you believe me or not. Doesn’t matter, because you will. You need to go down to the mines. […] I’ve seen what’s down there… and I’d give anything to unsee it."
Anonymous said:
Has Cate said anything regarding the huge leaks from this month?


Of course not. She turns into Casper the Friendly Ghost whenever shit hits the fan. I think she is purposefully laying low. She did it back in 2010 when her sister Chantal was wrapped in that nasty divorce with He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named.

@catelyon via instagram (deleted): cinq à sept
Cate Lyon as Sybil Ludington in Comedy Central's Drunk History.
Hidden Remote's Very Unofficial Drunk History Drinking Game

Take One Sip
Whenever an actor is spotted wearing a ridiculous wig or hat. (+1 for both on the same head)
If a storyteller gets a refill. We can’t let them drink alone, now can we?
When an important invention is created.
If a pet becomes involved in the storytelling. (I’m looking at you, Jenny Slate.)
Accent time! Take a sip whenever the storyteller tries to incorporate an accent into their tale.

Take Two Sips
When the president is on the screen. Here’s to you, Mr. President.
If a musical legend is the focus of the historical anecdote. You know those musicians party hard. Gotta keep up!
Whenever the storyteller does a shot.
When the story in question is about an important discovery. Cheers to progress!
If the storyteller ends up on the floor. (+1 for a fallen hero.)

Down Your Drink
If the storyteller vomits. Drink to forget.

Marie Claire Interview excerpt from May 2016 Issue:
"I have been lucky to have worked with some very talented directors. I cannot honestly separate one from the pack and say this certain person was the best because each project I have worked on has been such a valuable experience to me. Though, I would say that my time spent with Terrence Malick and Andrea Arnold was wonderous and challenging. We weren't provided a script at all for Knight of Cups. For American Honey, Arnold would give us the script for every scene the day before we filmed it, so try to imagine that. You really had to trust the moment, the sponteniety of conversations and the chemistry you had with your fellow actor. I would say that definitely pushed me outside of my usual comfort zone."